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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Healthcare Comments from "Grasshoppah"

Submitted by my good friend Grasshoppah, an engineer with some thought-provoking insights on the practice of medicine:

1) Doctors need to ask patients more about their diet and daily routine. If they are claiming that they are tired is it because they work three jobs? If they are eating fastfood every meal; yeah their cholestrol will be sky high. Before medicating the symptom, try to figure out if it is a product of their chosen lifestyle.

2) Medications are first tried on animals then a select few humans, passed by FDA & finally released to GP. Those first few humans that they medications are tried on; how is their lifestyle documented? For instance; GP drinks caffeine. I would suspect that those first few human subjects drink caffeine. DO you think that maybe the medication works differently on those that do not drink caffeine? Women?

3) Also, have been told that once I am pregnant I will have to take injectible Fragmin every day to thin my blood (I have an anti-cardiolipid sp?; my blood coagulates quicker than others). Fragmin has been used for many years...they tell me that they have been using it on pregnant women for a few years...where are the studies saying that it is okay to use on pregnant women?


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