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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Humorous Aside

Not much time to post, but had to get this up there:

I'm sitting in our sweatshop of a student lounge yesterday morning, chilling and doing chartwork, when this friend of mine starts stressing about one of our attendings who kind of mumbles, and how my friend might consequently have given one of his patients an inappropriate script.

Apparently, this woman came in with sinus congestion. My friend saw her and then presented the case to the attending in question. This guy is an old school dude we all happen to love despite his tendency to sometimes speak inaudibly. After my friend presented the case, the attending told him to write for a decongestant called Mucinex. At least, with the benefit of hindsight, that's what we think happened...

My friend happens not to be a morning person, and gave the poor woman a script for Metamucil, to be taken three tims a day. By the time he mentioned to the rest of us in the lounge how it didn't seem quite right for blocked sinuses, the attending had co-signed the prescription and the poor lady was long gone.

Hopefully she's not still going...


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