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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Got a Job, Don't Know Where Yet"...Like the Title of a Bad Country Song

Got the official and cryptic National Residency Match Program Scrambler's Monday email yesterday. Nice subject line, by the way, if any NRMP people stumble on this post...keep the suspense up just a bit longer with that whole "Did You Match??" bit (and yeah, I did.)

Don't know too many other fields where it would be possible to say that you have a job but that you have no idea where yet. Not that it's a bad thing to know that my training is about to begin and my four year episode of hemmorhagic cash flow is about to end. Just a bit odd to still wonder where. Soon enough, I suppose.

My rotation mates and I were comparing notes the other day and are in agreement that four years is about the longest you can keep most of your stuff without it falling apart. Lab coats, case in point: you bleach them weekly for four years, and eventually, the thread starts to fail, the buttons fall off, and even the pockets separate from the main garment. (Pockets are a BIG DEAL, if you don't have them anymore.) My cell phone is currently missing four buttons on its dial pad, with a fifth and six ready to part company any day now. I could tell you a funny story about underwear waistband elastic giving out at an inopportune moment during interview season, but I'll save that for after the match is finalized, just in case...

I didn't enter medicine for the money, but it will be nice to have a paycheck again and be able to replace some of this stuff.


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