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Friday, March 23, 2007

A Bright Future in Scut

What a difference a week makes...last week, I was scutting twelve to fourteen hours a day, wondering if match day would ever come, and if my sub-internship would ever end.

This week, I'm on a very relaxed research schedule, waiting for Fed Ex to show up with my residency contract, and just generally enjoying life. Not that I don't recognize that internship is right around the corner and going to hit me like bricks in the face, but right now, I'm just happy.

Match day was good to me. It would probably be unwise to say here exactly where I'm headed. I will say when I told my old advisor where I'd matched, his first response was, "Wait. Say that again." I've gotten that reaction from quite a few people and it always cracks me up.

I don't anticipate getting an Ivy League attitude any time soon, but my dog is way out of control already. I caught him on ebay late last night pricing berets, cigarette holders, and a rollneck dog sweater. Oh well, I guess I'll let him enjoy it.


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